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Hawk's Archery

Quality service and workmanship is my number one priority.

Let me make you better at what you do and love.

Archery Range is located at Kern County Gun Club. This range parallels Buena Vista Lake and is approximately 22 miles out of Bakersfield. The range is open to the public but you must sign-in at the Club House and pay a small fee. The archery range is maintained by a local veterans program and volunteers. There are three ranges and one range has a knife throwing section.

Eastern Range: This range has 3-D targets from 30 yards to 80 yards. It also has three aerial targets. Fixed broadheads, field tips and practice expandables are allowed on this range.  

No expandable broadheads are to be used. If you are shooting at the aerial targets, you must use Flu-Flu arrows with blunts. You should not shoot the 80 yard target with any bow under 45 pounds; the aerial wire will come into play. There is a berm at 120 yards for those unwanted misses.

Middle Range: This range has 10 lanes and a 80 foot patio cover and tables. The targets are from 10 yards to 100 yards. Most targets have a catch section for misses and a berm at 100 yards to catch those really bad shots. This range also has a flying duck section.

Western Range: This range is called the "Forest Range". It also has a small area for knife throwing. There is no cross lane shooting. This is a major safety concern. This range contains has 3-D targets at unmarked distances and trees. Field tips on this range only. There is a berm at 100 yards to catch your misses.

General Features: There are bow holders on all ranges. There are benches and work tables throughout the range. The Eastern and Middle ranges are all marked with measured distances (not lasers).

Future Section: There will be an elevated shooting platform that should be completed by May 2018. The main purpose is to mimic an uphill shoot or a shoot from a tree stand.

Safety and Rules: You are required to check-in at the Club House, sign-in and pay a small daily fee. There are rules posted for the range. Any violation of those rules and you will be asked to leave. There are no guns or crossbows to be used anywhere on the archery ranges. Please clean up after yourself. Please hold all 3-D targets when you pull your arrows. This prevents damage to the targets.